Why? Why me? My two week wait was hard, but I stayed strong and didn’t test. Good thing I didn’t! Getting AF was enough heartache. I guess I don’t understand. How many times can someone keep falling flat on their face? How was it so easy the 1st time? Why is my body punishing me? […]

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Planting our roots

Hey all! So as some of you know Joel and I bought our very first home together and we are closing on the 18th of this month! It's super exciting and it literally is our dream home! I can picture us raising a family and growing old together here. 10 complete acres for Joel to […]

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There’s something about a dog

Besides being mans best friend ( or in this case, woman's best friend ) Some say dogs have this ability …. ability to sniff out changes in the human body. Like when you are pregnant, all the hormonal changes and blood flow may just get the sniffer sniffing good and your dog will probably know […]

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Two week wait

I thought it would be fun to talk about that dreadful ""TWW"". I never had the tww when I got pregnant with Masyn. I never expected it to happen so fast! And honestly wasn't even thinking about it. This is now my second waiting period. Feels more like a year than 14 days. Trying not […]

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I was assigned this Mountain

It's already August. Where has the time gone? I wonder how big my belly would have been? I wonder if she would have had those kissable cheeks your could see on the ultrasound pictures? I still just can't believe that I lost her. That sweet baby of mine. If I do conceive I know she […]

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Not hiding my grief

Saw this picture today and fell it love with it. My love for Masyn was so strong. I most deff Don't hide that my grief is strong and it is real. Everything that I write in my blog are true feelings in the moment. They may change from day to day. Her due date is […]

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Making me happy

I know that not everyone is going to agree with me or feel the feelings I have. I was hoping my blog would reach people that we're in need of help. For people to realize you are not alone in the journey of loss, and TTC after loss. I may make people mad and lash […]

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Month Two TTC

Not knowing my body right now it was very hard to judge how long my cycle would be or should be. Basing off a typical 28 day cycle I was 5 days late today.  I’m going to be honest and tell you I had a REALLY good feeling. That dang, it might just be easy […]

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Stilllll waiting 

Suspected AF was due three days ago. Still no signs of her. I’m thinking my cycle is still a little screwy due to my D&E.  so honestly I don’t even know if I’m late or not. I’m just going to wait it out. Which btw is horrible lol, it’s like torture!  I have been emotional, […]

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